I help founders launch tech startup ideas.

Jordan Jocius speaking

Jordan launches more innovative tech startups than most worldwide.

Based in Waterloo, home to Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies, he launches 20-30 innovative tech startups every year as Director of Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Born a farmer, he helped turn his family farm business into an advertising and events company—Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show—and one of the largest outdoor trade shows on the planet which sold to Glacier Media Group in 2011.

He has gone from growing crops, to now growing tech startups. He has a unique passion for helping founders grow disruptive tech startups through the farming practise of hard work, creativity, and pure grit.

The AI BOOM is coming.

Waimea Bay, Hawaii, 2012
By Jordan Jocius


Rebels of Design

Speed wins the AI race.
Creativity wins the human race.

Last Frontier, British Columbia, 2018
By Jordan Jocius

From the first day in my co-op position at Wilfrid Laurier, everyone in the office repeatedly asked, "Have you met Jordan yet? You are going to love him!"

Ryan VielmaAccount Manager, Intrigue Media

Jordan brings an unmistakable energy to every room he enters. His enthusiasm and excitement are infectious. Jordan's superpower is authentic, genuine engagement.

Sean YoSenior Product Manager, D2L

I'd recommend Jordan on the basis of his intelligence, vision, and various professional skills alone, but it is his distinction as the ultimate team player that truly sets him apart.

Mike BrownCommunications Coordinator, Perimeter Institute

Jordan is a leader in his field without question. His creative ideas are inspiring and purposeful. He is able to understand his clients and implement strategic communication initiatives that better their business.

Robert MurrayCo-Founder, Intrigue Media

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